Foto: Nacho Gamazo

              , for choir and full orchestra (2009, Avilés, Cathedral of Canterbory´s Saint Thomas);                                for piano (2008, Madrid, Auditorium 400 of Reina Sofía Museam, 2009 National Radio Spain);                     , a trio for violin, viola and cello (2007, Cistercian Monastery of Gradefes and Guzmane´s Palace at the León Spanish Music Festival); Relieves en el aire for symphony and electroacoustic orchestra (2006, Madrid Royal Conservatory); The Big Bang, for metal and electroacoustic ensemble (2005, Madrid Royal Conservatory, by The Sir Aligator´s Company); El despertar de Gulliver, for viola and electroacoustics (2004, Madrid Royal Conservatory); Contratiempos, for instrumental ensemble (2004, Madrid Royal Conservatory); and R.I.P., for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1999, Oviedo Superior Conservatory).