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Foto: Nacho Gamazo

Raquel Rodríguez trained at Oviedo´s “Eduardo Martínez Torner” Music Conservatory under J.Ruiz de la Peña (music tehory), Ana Novo, Purificación de la Riva (piano), A.Ordieres, Gaiane Pogossova (violin), and Leoncio Diéguez (fugue) obtaining the highest qualifications, at Madrid´s Royal Conservatory of Music under Antón García Abril (composition), receiving  the final dissertation award, and went on to study piano under Sylvia Torán. She holds a degree in Music History and Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid. In addition to furthering her composition studies in  Pittsburgh under Leonardo Balada, and she has also attended courses on composition (Internationales Ferienkurs für neue Musik, Darmstadt 2004), and on piano, violin and chamber music.


She collaborated in 2009 with “Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Fundation” to make the musical review of  La Fama del Tartanero zarzuela.


Her music has been recorded and performanced on  National Radio Classical, highlighting "Cordoba en el sueño" ("Cordoba in dreams") by Cordoba´s  Symphonic Orchestra, conductor:J.L.Temes, "Imprevisaciones" (piano) by Xiaofeng Wu, Suite Niños del aire (piano) by Mario Prisuelos, "Connection to Mars" or "Espiral" by Gala´s Camerata, conductor: Alejandro Muñoz.


Among her premiéres, special mention must be made of: Illayah , for mezzo, violin, cello and piano, (2019,  Off Liceu , Barcelona, Spain), Luminiscencia , for violin, viola, cello, flute, clarinet and piano (2018, Valencia´s Grup Instrumentale, Auditorium 400 of Reina Sofía Museam, Madrid), Connection to Mars , dedicated to Juan March Foundation (2015), Laberintos de luz, dedicated to Eureka Trio (2014), En lo Mágico , dedicated to Malats Trío, Génesis  dedicated to Mario Prisuelos (piano) and Guillermo Pastrana (cello) at XXIII Sacred Art Festival (2013),  Córdoba en el sueño , for full orchestra (2012, Madrid´s National Auditorium), Niños del aire , for piano (2012, Madrid´s National Auditorium), Wil Nature, for trombone choir (2012, Madrid´s Royal Conservatory of Music), Sencillamente, música, for string orchestra (2011, Madrid´s National Auditorium), Latido de Asturias , for clarinet, cello and piano (2011,commissioned by Tres Cantos International Festival), Homenaje a Beethoven, for solo clarinet (2010, Eutherpe Fundation, León), Nidos de fuego sobre el mar, for flute, clarinet, violin and cello (2010, Saint John Baptist Cultural Center, Madrid), Alba, for full orchestra (2009, Turin Philharmonic Orchestra, Verdi Conservatory), Senderos de luz, for horn and piano (2009, Madrid´s National Auditorium)Sentimiento, acción y verdad, for solo clarinet (2009),

 Oración , for choir and full orchestra (2009, Avilés, Cathedral of Canterbory´s Saint Thomas), Imprevisaciones , for piano (2008, Madrid, Auditorium 400 of Reina Sofía Museam, 2009 National Radio Spain); En la Música , a trio for violin, viola and cello (2007, Cistercian Monastery of Gradefes and Guzmane´s Palace at the León Spanish Music Festival); Relieves en el aire for symphony and electroacoustic orchestra (2006, Madrid Royal Conservatory); The Big Bang, for metal and electroacoustic ensemble (2005, Madrid Royal Conservatory, by The Sir Aligator´s Company); El despertar de Gulliver, for viola and electroacoustics (2004, Madrid Royal Conservatory); Contratiempos, for instrumental ensemble (2004, Madrid Royal Conservatory); and R.I.P., for clarinet, violin, cello and piano (1999, Oviedo Superior Conservatory).

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