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Fragmento EspiralRaquel Rodríguez
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An impulse. And, before it, another one. And, before this one, another one, and so on. Stillness is only seeming, as movement always, always, always underlies. Existence is not the reason for movement, since movement is existence itself. And, at the core of movement, there is force. Both force and movement rule life. We open our eyes only to contemplate the universe, and then we close them in order to try to grasp its meaning. And, within such a spiral, which is continuous, eternal, and unbroken, many different forms of life and intelligence intertwine with one another in everlasting movement, and they change withoyt losing their essence in order to keep rotating at the different levels created by force throygh its moving spiral.

                                                                                                                                                                                Raquel Rodríguez

Translation: Patrick T. Brady Caldera

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